What If You Could Confidently Put Your Next Offer To Market Knowing It Is Exactly What Your Audience Wants?

Most Coaches and Course Creators understand the need to match their offers to what their prospective clients already want, yet unfortunately...

They sometimes get caught up in what they want to offer instead of focusing on what their audience wants.

Have you made any of these mistakes...

  • Built an offer focused on you instead of your ideal client?
  • Used mostly 'Insider' language in your offer and promotional materials?
  • Focused your material on product or program features instead of benefits?

All the gurus and influencers share about themselves, right?  So, what do they know that you don't...

Well, you're in luck because I'm a sales and business professional, not a fluffy social media maven.  And my blueprint is based on proven, time-tested strategies.


Take a Peek Inside...

Our Proven One-Hour Audience Research Method to get crystal clear on who you want to help and exactly what they are looking for help with right now...

Step-by-Step Belief Mapping to help "Nail" your perfect message with language that helps your audience see how your program or service can help them...

Clearly define the Difference in your Program or Service and your Offer - and how to make Offers That Convert for Any Program or Service...


...Three Jumpstart Bonuses

Make Yourself Irresistible As A Leader

Are you leaving quality breadcrumbs from your social engagement to your offers?  This bonus training will help you optimize your Profile and Page on Facebook as an authority and leader in your niche.

3 Facebook Ads To Get Leads & Sales In The Next 7 Days

Tried ads before and lost your lunch money?  This training is my go-to for ads newbies to help you get profitable quickly with your ads while building an invisible list to promote to in the future and practically guaranteed to get leads and sales quickly.

The Keys To A Profitable Expert Business

Being open for business is different than having a profitable business.  The training covers the keys for coaches and course creators to stay profitable in your expert business.


Imagine launching an offer to your audience knowing it's positioned based on the exact solutions they are currently seeking.

What would it feel like to have your ideal client prospects on a wait-list because you've packaged your highest impact programs into offers that your client prospects cannot wait to get their hands on?

How quickly could that change your business?

What Will Your Business Look Like When You Are Presenting Your Highest Impact Programs As Irresistible Offers For Your Ideal Client Prospects?

  • Know exactly who your perfect clients are and where to find them
  • Get clarity on what your ideal client prospects want so you can package your offer in a completely irresistible way for them
  • Understand the triggers that make people buy and how to deliver the greatest impact to your clients while maintaining a profitable position for your offers.

If you've ever launched a product to zero sales or sign-ups, felt like you just weren't connecting with the audience.  You know that your program can truly help them yet you have trouble communicating that upside to the audience in a way that makes them want to take advantage of what you have to offer.

These Key Strategies Are At The Core Of What Many Top Marketers Have Been Using For Years To Product One Offer After Another That Consistently Converts At A Profit.

Now it's your turn to use these same strategies.

Sarah Mueller, Business Owner

"I can't believe that making that one price change literally changed my whole business overnight." 
In just a few weeks we decreased CPA and increased AOV on my primary offer.

Unlike Many Other Programs Out There, The Irresistible Offer Blueprint Is Not Theory, But Proven Strategies And The Tactics You Can Use Right Now To Get Results With Your Next Offer.

  • Know exactly who your perfect clients are and where to find them
  • Get clarity on what your ideal client prospects want so you can package your offer in a completely irresistible way for them
  • Understand the triggers that make people buy and how to deliver the greatest impact to your clients while maintaining a profitable position for your offers.

Stop wasting time wondering if what you are creating is the thing your ideal client prospects actually want or not...

The Irresistible Offer Blueprint takes the guess-work out of offer design and helps you craft sizzling offers around your best programs to quickly transform your business.

Launch Your Next Program Backed By An Offer That Is Completely Irresistible To Your Ideal Client Prospects
Changing this one thing has the power to transform your business faster than you can imagine.  

Having the right offers matched with your programs can help to attract the best clients and set them up for success inside your programs.

Lucy Bucklin, Certified Coach

The Best Thing that happened to me and my business!  Need the push to take your business traffic to the next level?  I was able to use Social Media to bring in new leads and clients.  With Penny's help I was able to take my knowledge to the next level!

Why Should You Listen To Me?

Experience and a proven track-record.  

After 20 years in corporate sales, marketing and management, I started an online business in 2014.  Since then, I've worked with some of the top 7 and 8 figure leaders in this space, training their highest level mastermind clients on Facebook™ Marketing, Sales Conversions and Marketing Strategy.

I'm not special, I've worked hard and learned to apply 'real-world' business strategies online to get results for clients and students.  If I can do this, anyone can.

Hi, I'm Penny!

I started my first business in high school in a Junior Achievement program.  We returned $20 for every $1 stock we sold.  

I was hooked.

After college, I spent a few years in the hospitality industry, and a 20 year career in sales, marketing and management in the wine and spirits industry, including three years with my own retail wine and gourmet store.  

During my final 12 months, I visited 10 states and 2 other countries for business.  It was great fun and I still love wine, but it wasn't working for me as the mom of two teenagers.

And the entrepreneurial bug was tugging at me again...

So I took advantage of a corporate re-org and walked away in 2014, and immersed myself in learning how to weave my offline business experience into online marketing and sales.

During that time I trained the top mastermind clients and students for some heavy-hitting 7 and 8 figure business owners, and got certified as a Facebook™ Marketing Consultant.

Today, I am passionate about helping other business owners get more leads and sales, and build a profitable business they love that supports a life they love.

I share my corporate sales experience, my online business experience, plus what I've learned about copywriting and Facebook marketing...all to help my clients and students create the life and business of their dreams.

If that sounds like you, let's go!

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  • Perfect Client Training - clearly identify your perfect clients and where to find them so they can learn about your offerings
  • Get CLARITY on what your Ideal Clients want most so you can become their go-to solution.
  • Package your highest IMPACT programs in Irresistible Offers for your ideal client prospects to increase sales and client results.
  • PDF Downloads so you can implement as you go
  • BONUS Training: Optimize Your Facebook Profile and Page as a Business Owner to attract more of your perfect client prospects
  • BONUS Training: 3 Facebook Ads to help get leads and sales in as little as 7 days.
  • Bonus Training: The Keys to a profitable expert business in 2020 and beyond...
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